by Sol Drop

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released March 13, 2015

Thanks to John Hanson for being a great engineer in the studio.
Mixed and Mastered by K. Meyers.



all rights reserved


Sol Drop Flagstaff, Arizona

For all the rock 'n' rollers under the sun, we are Sol Drop! Kathryn Meyers on Guitar/Vocals,
Sean Buechel on Bass/Backing Vocals and Brian Dorsey on Drums!

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Track Name: The Weekend (Single)
I'm not sure about anything
I like to stay out late and I like to sing
Don't expect me to settle down
Don't think that I am going to leave this town, with you
It's the weekend-gonna find someone new.
It's the weekend-I'm replacing you.
It's the weekend-what cha going do?
Other than cry and order Chinese food.
It's the weekend-gonna find someone new.
It's the weekend-I'm replacing you.
It's the weekend-I don't like you dude!
As a matter of fact I think you're a fool
Time to party it's a Friday night
Gonna go out, maybe get into a fist fight
I don't care what you say
I'm young and I'm allowed to be crazy
I'm not gonna stick around
I'm not the kind of person who's tightly wound
I like to have fun and I like to dance
I'm the opposite of obsessed with romance
It's the weekend-gonna find someone new
It's the weekend-I'm replacing....
"What was your name again?"
"I don't know"
It's the weekend (x5)
Track Name: Steering Heart (March 2015)
Met a girl, just last weekend
Seemed like she was stuck in the deep end
Since we talked, I haven't seen anyone
She stole my car and ran away
I guess it'll have to be okay
Just put be in the backseat next time

She's driving my car now
She's driving my heart ow!
She's got a need to speed
She's driving my car now
She's driving my heart ow!
She's got the key to me

Couldn't tell if it was Earth or Mars
Either way, thoughts were headed far
She robbed or replaced my sanity
Next time I cross an alien's path
I'll hesitate, for the aftermath
Could drive me or insurance rates up high


Don't let an alien babe steal your car
Don't let an alien babe steal your heart
Next time you encounter a chick from outer space
Be careful cuz' one put me out of place

Track Name: Fake (March 2015)
Don't tell me what to do
Or I am leaving, leaving without you
Don't tell me who I am
I don't need anyone to hold my hand
You can't keep me on a leash
A girl like me needs to be free

I'm myself and that's not gonna change
Don't try and make me rearrange
...my life to make you feel you feel okay
If we're changing for each other then
...we're just being fake

Don't tell me how to think
Just because I like the color pink
Don't tell me when to talk
Or you will be in for a shock
I don't think you understand
That a girl like me doesn't want or need a man



Track Name: Everything is Best (March 2015)
Somethings happen, somethings don't
That's just the way it goes
Even if you think you chose
Mixed up in a mind of matters
The world in in your mind does matter
But you have to let gravity go

When you least expect it
When you're holding back
Just let yourself happen
Or you'll fall in the crack
When I'm running in my head
Worried 'bout the road
I have to remind myself that everything

Whether destiny's a choice or not
Remember to resist society's robot
Let your program run wild
If you're lost in time and space
Grab yourself by the face
You were meant to exist outside of a case


Sometimes your mind tell lies
Learn to ride the truth to survive